Dear International Student,

Due to the increased number of International Applications we have been receiving, The American Hoof Association would like to clarify our application requirements.  The American Hoof Association welcomes International applicants, but must emphasize that the application must to be completed in, or translated to, English.

Although we are not deterred by the slight use of improper grammar, the application has to be clear enough to show your professionalism, skill and knowledge.  In addition, we need to understand what you are saying on the video portion of your application, i.e. your explanations of the anatomy, function, and purpose of the trim you are doing, projected outcome, etc.

As a caution, we would like you to be aware that we have found that subtitles can often deter from proper evaluation of the video, usually from a lack of information.  However, as long as your application is clearly understood and contains the information we need to evaluate, we would be very excited to receive your application.

The American Hoof Association