Apprentice Membership

The Application process for AHA Apprentice Level is similar to the AHA Certified Professional Level with the following reduced requirements:

  • Application requirements for the AHA Apprentice level is two complete case studies.
  • Each case study will have two trims on a single horse, six before trim and six after trim photos for each of the two trims to be included in each case study.
  • Six body photos should also be included; three before the case study, three at completion
  • The two trims should not exceed a period of six months.
  • There is no requirement of rehabilitative case studies, nor booting, at the AHA Apprentice level.
  • AHA Apprentice Level Applicants may submit a video showing a complete trim on a live horse, or they may request from Evaluation to have a mentor come to the applicant for evaluation of live trimming.
  • PHCP members and ESA students may submit the case studies they have prepared for those organizations.