About the


Our Vision


We envision a world in which the model of a biologically appropriate lifestyle is widely accepted as a the most efficient and humane method to achieve optimum hoof health in horses.



Our Mission

The champions hoof health and comfort for all domestic equines.  Through education, peer-review, and support, we strive to unify equine professionals and promote awareness of the healthy lifestyle paradigm as the basis for improved hoof quality among horses


Our Values

  • A biologically appropriate lifestyle is essential to a healthy horse.

  • Every equine deserves progressive, competent hoofcare.

  • Horses benefit from hoof protection that allows natural biomechanical function.


Our Strategies

  • Develop high-quality information exchange opportunities for hoofcare professionals to network with colleagues to share information and experience and as an avenue to augment skills.

  • Provide a peer-reviewed list of exceptional trimmers who are committed to keep current with research and product development, as a resource for the horse community to locate truly competent natural hoofcare.

  • Develop educational resources that serve the horse community with horse care knowledge, fact validation and ongoing research.


Board Members

President - Geri White (NY)
Secretary - Jeannie Wright (IL)
Treasurer - Jeanne Starr (MD)

Education Committee

Commitee Co-Chair - Ruthie Thompson-Klein
Commitee Co-Chair - Geri White
Patrice Sager
Lisa Dawe
Christina Cline
Jeanneann Mercuri

About the :

The is an education and standards organization dedicated to promoting awareness of the healthy lifestyle paradigm as the basis for improved hoof quality among horses.  The AHA provides a peer-reviewed list of certified and apprentice trimmers that adhere to the healthy lifestyle paradigm.  The AHA is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit corporation.